Throughout the lifecycle of your business, there are different phases that require different services.


The startup phase will involve choosing a book-keeping system, establishing the structure, consideration of the tax consequences of operations, financing of working capital, equipment and land purchase, budgeting and possible government funding options.

The intermediate phase will involve expanding your operation, maximising your profitabiity, planning for the future, consideration of superannuation, managing the tax issues when required, review of the structure, fine tuning of the book-keeping system and managing employee issues.

The final stage is focussed on succession planning, saving for superannuation, managing tax, possible sale of capital assets and capital gains tax issues, wind down of the operation and wind up of entities.

Everyone's journey is different, however everyone who has a rural business will benefit from some of the below services regardless of what stage you are at.  Have a look at these to identify what suits you.

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